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Are you of the opinion that you have some sort of control over every of your prized assets, including transactions worth billions of dollars all around the year? If your answer is in the affirmative, it is certain that you must have created a multi-faced and sophisticated method in advance to cyber-security and if your answer is negative, it is imperative for you to contemplate creating one. Given we are in the digitization era, there is a rapid upsurge in the frequency of cybercrime. There are several high school students after all who hack into systems in their free time and a majority of the present attacks are instigated via such maneuvers.

Computer Forensics is a very specialized field where investigators are saddled with fighting or uncovering cybercrime in all its form for law enforcement agencies. This group of professionals uses ample time in a digital laboratory setting or an office working on computers. An expert in computer forensics is typically meant to labor away on digital artefacts such as CDs, hard drives and other data storage devices, computer systems, files like JPEG images, emails, etc., and similar electronic documents.

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A computer forensics investigator like I mentioned earlier, is a qualified professional who collaborates with various law enforcement agencies and also private firms to recover all the missing information or data from computers or any other electronic item or device.As an analyst, you can work within any law enforcement agency and also, you can help improve, test and ascertain the security of a private firm, company or organization’s information system.

Furthermore, you likewise need to possess the outstanding working knowledge and understanding of each and every aspect and part of the computer world. If you are seriously considering pursuing a career in this area, then you must never forget that readiness to work lengthy hours, and patience, are characteristics that are necessary for success in the field.


Job Duties

When any criminal investigation is ongoing, an analyst retrieves data from electronic devices and computers in order to use the information from such data during criminal prosecutions as evidence. In the event there is a damage to the equipment, in order to retrieve lost data the expert in computer forensics should be competent enough to disassemble and rebuild the electronic device or system.

Upon getting all of these done, you need to come up with a comprehensive technical report which details the discovery of the evidence and each and every step taken during the entire recovery process.


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