How To Pursue A Career In Computer Forensics

Obtain A Degree


So as to come to be an investigator, a Bachelor’s degree is the least you should have to enter the field. An increasing number of colleges now offers both undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in the specialties.
In Computer Forensics, one of such specialties, you can acquire skills needed in both the computer use and investigation part.

Find A Job


At all levels of law enforcement agencies, jobs on Computer Forensics can be found. Smaller agencies such as police departments through to larger ones like National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security all need this type of experts.
These agencies, as well as some private firms, have a growing need for computer forensics investigation. Therefore, go to them and get yourself a job.

With Experience, Advance Your Career

Fundamentally, there are two ways by which one can become an expert or professional; you can by learning as well as by doing which is the most important.
This stage is the time to go by the second way that is advancing your career by practicing investigation on computer forensics. Besides, you may start your own private practices or even establish your personal consulting agency.

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Detractors and Supporters

  • Oregon Senator Wyden (generally believed to be liberal) said: “Companies who want to afford their customers stronger security will not have that option for the first time in America. To make you less safe, they will have to choose how to weaken their products.”

    Patrick -
  • A Cato Institute Fellow (considered conservative by many) said: “Burr-Feinstein might be the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen seriously suggested as a piece of legislation”. In legalese, it is ‘do magic’.”

    Thomson -
  • Therefore, it is not over. In fact, by its very existence, the case has brought to light a public battle. By a long shot, it is not over!

    Federica -



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