How To Pursue A Career In Computer Forensics

Obtain A Degree


So as to come to be an investigator, a Bachelor’s degree is the least you should have to enter the field. An increasing number of colleges now offers both undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in the specialties.
In Computer Forensics, one of such specialties, you can acquire skills needed in both the computer use and investigation part.

Find A Job


At all levels of law enforcement agencies, jobs on Computer Forensics can be found. Smaller agencies such as police departments through to larger ones like National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security all need this type of experts.
These agencies, as well as some private firms, have a growing need for computer forensics investigation. Therefore, go to them and get yourself a job.

With Experience, Advance Your Career

Fundamentally, there are two ways by which one can become an expert or professional; you can by learning as well as by doing which is the most important.
This stage is the time to go by the second way that is advancing your career by practicing investigation on computer forensics. Besides, you may start your own private practices or even establish your personal consulting agency.

Apple Vs. FBI - Is It Over?

You are mostly likely aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sued Apple Inc. to have them provide access to the cell phone utilized by a member of the San Bernardino terrorists. To compel Apple to do this, the “All Writs Act” was employed.The All Writs Act passed about two centuries and a quarter ago is, in essence, a means to make a demand, when no other legal grounds are in existence to do so, by Federal Law Enforcement.

As you are likewise most likely aware, at first Apple refused and as such took some time to come up with a good response to the court in order not to have to surrender to the petitions of the Feds.In the same vein, it must have come to your knowledge too that some anonymous firm, group or individual (presently surmised to be grey-hat professional hackers) provided the Bureau a technique to have it cracked themselves.

So what is the bone of contention here? It is not like Apple Inc. has not cracked several iPhones for the Bureau in the time past. The reason is that one of Apple’s major selling point was at stake, the one being the security of its leading device. Previously, in cooperation with many requests of the government, Apple has given access into some of its devices but in this very case, the device in question was one of the contemporary iPhones, which goes by the code name 5C.


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Apple had specifically cooked security into this device such that even they could not have it cracked and had of its passcode no record. So as to crack the device, the bureau asked Apple to make a one-time update that would (with considerable certainty) permit endless attempts to log in to the device without locking themselves out. Presently if one take too many tries with incorrect codes, the device locks out the user for a period which could run into months – and in some instances, could erase the device clear of data.

Therefore, what big deal is it if Apple Inc. fashions this said back door into this individual’s phone? Well, there is a good number of other issues at stake. First, if Apple Inc. builds the said back door, it will only be a question of how long until it gets “in the wild”. Within a very little while, the hack would be proliferated. Then, no one’s device will be safe from the peeping eyes of the government, criminals, and other terrorists. Second, several professionals and experts in the area of privacy and security are of the opinion that the NSA – National Security Agency had the means and most likely would have afforded the FBI, but that the latter was just not interested.

The reason for this being that if the FBI can successfully force Apple to fashion a back door into its security, this would set a precedent that will permit them to force any other tech firm as well to crack their security. Why would we worry if our own government is capable of circumventing security on everything? Although the concept is a little terrifying to this author right from the beginning, that is not the sole reason to look sideways at surrendering our entire privacy to our own agencies tasked with law enforcement.

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Access to the terrorist’s iPhone.

It is, therefore, plausible that all privacy will become something of the past, to foreign governments, our own governments, to criminals and crooks, to thugs and terrorists the moment the encryption/security cat is out of the bag.

The reality of this makes it suffice to say we are on the verge of breaking open a very sinister Pandora’s Box.

Now that the FBI are in possession of the means to gain access to the terrorist’s iPhone. Do they have access into that of everyone? The answer is negative that is no. At least, not yet.
iPhones more up-to-date than the 5C utilize a different sort of encryption that is probably not cracked yet. And even though the FBI will most certainly not inform how the crack fared, Apple will carry on designing stronger security to fuse into

In addition, this specific 5C possess one of the weakest forms of passwords. Choosing a longer, stronger password may have trumped the technique employed this time around.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation this time let go of its case against Apple Inc. But since the end of 2015, the agency’s director has been unyielding over the concern having strong encryption is capable of causing when there is a situation that involves national security. This advocacy meanwhile has found its way into the hallowed halls of Congress. Now, an anti-encryption bill is been drafted in the Congress. It’s yet to be brought up for a vote and is not assured to pass. On both sides, there are detractors and supporters.

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  • The hack would be proliferated
  • Capable of circumventing security
  • Designing stronger security to all devices

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Detractors and Supporters

  • Oregon Senator Wyden (generally believed to be liberal) said: “Companies who want to afford their customers stronger security will not have that option for the first time in America. To make you less safe, they will have to choose how to weaken their products.”

    Patrick -
  • A Cato Institute Fellow (considered conservative by many) said: “Burr-Feinstein might be the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen seriously suggested as a piece of legislation”. In legalese, it is ‘do magic’.”

    Thomson -
  • Therefore, it is not over. In fact, by its very existence, the case has brought to light a public battle. By a long shot, it is not over!

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